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You should note that the offer of a school place can be withdrawn by the Local Authority even after your child has started school if, at a later date, it is established that the place was offered on a basis of false information. If you knowingly give false or misleading information in order to obtain a particular school place you could be prosecuted for the offence of fraud by false representation under the Fraud Act 2006 or any other appropriate act. The Council takes such conduct very seriously, especially as a misleading application form has effectively denied a place to a child with a stronger claim to a place at the school. If false information is provided your application will be void and you will be required to submit a further application. If this is received after the published closing date it will then be regarded as a later application. If it is found that a sibling currently at the school was also offered a place on the basis of false information then for any further applications received the authority will discount the sibling's connection. In fairness to all parents the Council reserves the right to require documentary evidence of the genuineness of the family address and, if this not produced, the Council reserves the right to make its own enquiries with, for example, the Council's council tax offices and other authorities. In the interest of your child's school placement, the information you provide on the preference form may be shared with other Local Authorities and Schools in the area. You can contact us if you suspect a fraudulent application has been made. We will investigate concerns raised.